The most popular painting tool is definitely the marker. Almost everybody is good in handling a marker. This is the reason, why artists of the urban and graffiti genre prefer those tools. Whether sketches, aquarelles, manga, letter architecture, portraits or decorative applications: find the right tool for your art, here!


In 2023, the sale of our refill bottles allowed us to save impressive 32 tons of plastic that would have otherwise entered our ecosystem through the production of individual markers.

32 tons – that’s as much as 10 fully grown elephants.

Converted into our markers (each marker measuring 15 cm), this would be 2.5 million markers.

Just imagine: If these markers were arranged in a line, they would exceed the height of the Mount Everest 42 times, or almost reach the ISS (420 km above the earth’s surface).


MOLOTOW™ markers are not ‘One Day Lovers’: Thanks to patented technologies, our markers can be refilled for a minimum of 50 times – without experiencing any deterioration.

Refilling our marker costs on average only €1.21. This equates cost savings up to 75% compared to purchasing a new marker.

Moreover, our markers are approx. 2.5 times more efficient than other marker products.

With numerous interchangeable tips and refills, we create lasting positive purchasing experiences for consumers, fostering customer loyalty for retailers.


Our markers, produced in Germany, guarantee the highest quality and manufacturing standards. This quality seal not only enhances the trust of end customers, but also emphasizes your support as a retailer for local productions and jobs.

Entering a partnership with MOLOTOW™ enables retailers to actively participate in an environmentally friendly corporate philosophy. This is not only a valuable unique selling proposition, but also reflects the growing environmental awareness of consumers.

Because creativity should leave no trace – except on your artwork.