Q: How to use a MOLOTOW™ spray can?


    A: First of all you need to shake the can well, in order to ensure a complete mixing of the pigments. As our paint is highly pigmented, some of the cans and colors may have more than four mixing balls and this step can take up some minutes.
    Before start spraying, check the surface for compatibility and see if priming is necessary.

    Have fun!


    Q: Why to shake well a can or a pump-marker?


    A: MOLOTOW™ is the only brand that ensures four times ground car pigments. To obtain the full color brilliance and opacity, this high pigmentation formula requires a well mixing. Simply shake the can and strike it against your hand – that may help to loosen the pigments sedimented on the can’s ground.


    Q: Paint Qualities: What does 4 times ground pigments mean?


    A: Car pigments are stronger and grant higher opacity than conventional pigments. For this reason, the pigments need to be ground several times in order to facilitate the best color brilliance and opacity.


    Q: What is the difference between high and low pressure?


    A: Different pressure adjustments influence the performance of a spray can. A low pressure can ejects the paint with less pressure through the cap. This adjustment gives a smooth control for fine lines and details to the sprayer when using a skinny cap.

    A high pressure can ejects more paint at a higher rate. This adjustment enables the coverage of large surfaces within a short period of time. This function is supported, when using a fat cap.


    Q: Can I combine the different MOLOTOW™ spray paints?



    A: The high-quality artist spray paint MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM easily can be combined with the professional URBAN FINE-ART™ spray can.



    Q: Can I combine MOLOTOW™ spray paints with MOLOTOW™ markers?


    A: You not only can – it is even desired! The ONE4ALL spray can is the perfect equivalent to the ONE4ALL acrylic marker system. In combination, both paints can be treated wet on wet, which is perfect for mixed media.

    The URBAN FINE-ART™ spray paint should be very well dried before painting over it with the ONE4ALL acrylic markers, as it is 100% acrylate.


    Q: Which surfaces are compatible with MOLOTOW™ products?


    A: Besides the characteristic of the ink, the absorbency and the texture of the surface is important – it will determine the permanence and the brilliance of the color.
    Non-absorbent surfaces are better for the brilliance and the permanence of the color than absorbent surfaces, whereas too smooth and oily surfaces are inappropriate for adhesion.
    The ideal surface is even and primed to avoid the absorption of pigments.
    In general, surfaces should be checked for compatibility before use.
    In case of Styrofoam™ you can use our ONE4ALL Spray Paint without priming. Otherwise, with all other MOLOTOW™ Spray Paint, a special priming with URBAN FINE-ART™ Styrofoam™ Primer is essential!


    Q: What’s the difference between MOLOTOW™ spray cans and other aerosol sprays?


    A: With its highly pigmented formula based on 4 times ground car pigments, MOLOTOW™ spray cans are still unreachable in their quality, opacity, drying times, resistance and function.
    Moreover, MOLOTOW™ markers are the only markers that unify these spray paint qualities in a high-quality writing instrument.

    Being the first innovator for graffiti optimized spray cans, enabled MOLOTOW™ for a close teamwork with graffiti artists.


    Q: Where to buy MOLOTOW™ products? In which countries delivers MOLOTOW™


    A: Feel free to call us at +49 (0) 7821 – 92 229 0 (English speaking personnel) or write an email to us at We will be happy to assist you.


    Q: Is MOLOTOW™ paint suitable for indoor use? Do I need a safety mask?


    A: Yes, MOLOTOW™ spray cans are suitable for indoor use, however a safety mask is essential to avoid harm to your lungs. In addition, protective gloves can save your skin and clothes from undesired paint-splatters.
    Moreover, we recommend a constant airing by open windows.
    In case of contact with skin and eyes, see the safety instructions and contents on the can label and immediately seek medical advice.
    MOLOTOW™ is free of heavy metal, lead and CFC (chlorofluorocarbon).
    The ONE4ALL spray can is also odorless, as the volatile solvent amount is substituted with 85% water.



    Q: Are there any MOLOTOW™ products suitable for children’s use?


    A: MOLOTOW™ offers two odorless, water-based markers (AQUA TWIN and AQUA INK Pump-Softliner), perfectly suitable for children’s use.
    The ink is based on food-based colorants and produced from an ISO certified company.


    Q: How important is sustainability and the environment to MOLOTOW™?


    A: A key principle of MOLOTOW™ is the practical function of its products. The same is true, when it comes to environmental and social issues. Instead of provisional, empty phrases, MOLOTOW™ is active in innovating sustainable ideas and concepts.
    For this reason, MOLOTOW™ markers are built to be refilled. Thanks to that and due to several exchange tips, a lot of unnecessary plastic waste can be avoided.

    Click here to read our full sustainability philosophy.


    Q: How to behave in case of eye- or skin contact with MOLOTOW™ paint?


    A: In case of eye contact or ingestion, immediately seek medical advice and check the contents on the label.
    Exposure to skin will not result in damage. Clean your skin with warm water and soap or acetone.





    Q: How can I order?

    A: Just order your favorite products in our online shop.
    You can find further information about our general terms and conditions here.

    Q: Can I collect my order at the HQ-Shop (MOLOTOW™ Headquarters Lahr)?

    A: Of course, you can directly shop in our showroom or pick up your ordered items in Lahr.

    Opening times: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 12 am / 1 pm – 5 pm.

    We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

    IMPORTANT: Please particularly note in your order that you want to collect the goods at our Headquarters.
    In any other cases, your package will be shipped by DHL.

    Q: Can I cancel my order?

    A: Yes, send us an e-mail at or call us at +49 (0) 7821 – 92 229 0 and specify the order number.


    Q: Is it possible to return my order?

    A: Second delivery of self inflicted returns will be charged with 6,50 € (incl. VAT) per parcel (in Germany) or 12,00 € (incl.VAT) per parcel (outside Germany) handling fee plus second freight. This applies only for incorrect customer statements or unclaimed parcel.
    You can find all the information about our right of withdrawal here.


    Q: What parcel service will undertake the shipment?

    A: We ship our packages by DHL. All our packages are insured.

    Q: How long does shipping within Germany take?

    A: MOLOTOW™ is well known for its quick order processing and its agile customer service. A shipment within Germany takes normally one to two days after receipt of payment. During seasonal sales, e.g. prior to holidays, slight delivery delays may occur.

    Q: How can I track my package?

    A: As soon as DHL collects your package at our HQs, we will send you an e-mail with your personal tracking link. With this link, you can follow your package until it gets delivered to you.

    Q: In which countries does deliver?

    A: Currently we deliver to: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Norway and Croatia.

    You can ask for information about delivery in your country at +49 (0) 7821 – 92 229 0, or write us an e-mail at – we are looking forward to help you!

    Q: How can I calculate the shipping costs for my country?

    A: Within Germany:
        7,50 € / package
        starting from 150€: free of shipping charges (not applicable for bulky shipping)

    For deliveries in other countries, the shipping costs are calculated according to table.


    Q: Can I pay by invoice?

    A: Government institutions as youth centers, schools and other public institutions can pay by invoice, as long as the recipient provides a cost acceptance confirmation.

    Otherwise you can use the following payment methods:
    - cash on delivery (3,50€ processing fee per package will be additionally charged)
    - PayPal 
    - cash before delivery (no additional fees)

    Q: Do I need to pay German VAT if I order from Switzerland?

    A: If you are a Swiss customer (and your delivery address is in Switzerland), submit us the custom documents and we will refund the German VAT to you. The German VAT needs to be invoiced in advance.

Dr. Molotow knows best!

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