Responsibility is not just an obligation – it’s our passion. MOLOTOW™ stands for innovation and quality in high-end products.

However, it’s not only about the products – it’s about long-term future visions. We produce them to share those visions with our customers and partners and as well: with our environment.

Short procurement routes, less energy consumption, sustainable application tools, function guarantees, reliability in procurement of products and future-orientated concepts:

„That’s the reason why MOLOTOW™ always will stand for innovation and quality in high-end products.”

Jürgen Feuerstein (CEO) – (Unsere Nachhaltigkeitsphilosophie, 2015)


The principle of sustainability of the brand MOLOTOW™ is part of the corporate philosophy. MOLOTOW™ does not only represent its environmental responsibility on the surface:

The MOLOTOW™ Headquarters in Lahr / Black Forest runs 75% of its energy with solar power.

Besides its environmental awareness, MOLOTOW™ were first in the graffiti scene who engaged for wearing masks while spraying. This social responsibility and the close contact to the artists are the company’s creeds.