We stand for innovations, quality, graffiti and credibility – the brand can’t be described shorter. And despite graffiti and credibility might seem like a contrast, it’s this closeness to the graffiti scene, which characterizes the traditional family company.

For 20 years MOLOTOW™ ambitiously follows the aim to be the most innovative company for high-quality, urban painting tools – with success. To stay continuously successful and to develop new creative tools for artists, MOLOTOW™ took the challenge in setting milestones in its core competences and to reach them.

This includes innovation through constant product development. Therefore MOLOTOW ™ deals with innovative marker, spray can and packaging concepts. User benefit and sustainability are always focused. Artists are often in cluded in the process of the product development.

Next to innovations, quality is the most important feature of all MOLOTOW ™ products. To grant a standard of high quality and function, MOLOTOW™ regularly deals with its own value chain and the contained procurement channels. An important milestone is the consolidation of diverse production facilities for a user- friendly pricing and less CO² emissions – the reduction of the so called “ecological foot print”. This way sustainability is no temporary phenomenon, but the only future vision that is working in long-terms. This philosophy directly affects the product development and other company departments.



„We want a brand, for every generation to grow old with.”

Jürgen Feuerstein (CEO) – (Stylefile #46, 2015)

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