What can be expected when an innovative manufacturer for writing instruments cooperates with a dynamic company with its own urban brand? Quite a few!

The Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH (EST 1938) and the Feuerstein GmbH (EST 1959) with its own brand MOLOTOW™ have signed contracts on the subject of a long-term cooperation on the 21st of April 2016.

Common technology developments are sought, that benefit from the exchange of the respective special knowledge and that can be found in the product lines of Schneider and MOLOTOW™. In addition, Schneider will take over the international distribution of the fine art product range of the brand MOLOTOW™. The distribution is started in the 4th quarter of this year in 11 countries – including Germany.

Clear similarities in the attitudes of both brands are the decisive factor for cooperation.

As family businesses from the Black Forest, they share more than just its residence – both companies represent high-quality application and writing tools Made in Germany. Hardly surprising that their corporate philosophies are similar, as they both have won fame for sustainability – independently of each other.
In doing so, Schneider is certificated with the world’s most demanding regulation, the EU Eco Audit EMAS since 1998. In practice, this stringent environmental management system stands for ecologically reasonable products, procedures and processes.

Moreover, MOLOTOW™ has sustainable products and concepts to offer, as nearly all markers are refillable and give opportunity to exchange tips. Besides avoiding unnecessary plastic waste, the company gains more than 75% of its energy used for operations by the means of solar panels.

Apart from sustainable concepts, both enterprises stand for innovations and their high level of quality:

Since the beginning, nothing has changed Schneider’s basic idea “to produce high-quality writing instruments Made in Germany to anyone” – no matter if the company launched ball pen refills as a pioneer in Germany, established the legendary K 15 ball pen as a »Beetle« developing the new Viscoglide® technology or creating a new generation of rollerballs with the One series.

The history of MOLOTOW™ is quite similar, when learning that Jürgen Feuerstein rocked the spray paint industry with the first graffiti optimized spray can CoversAll™. Since then, he’s applying for patents for sustainable application tools that give ideas to an entire industry on a regular basis.

»Our partnership is promising on a variety of grounds. On the one hand, we are some kind of natural neighbors when concerning the product ranges – not to mention the geographic neighborhood. Pens for the day-to-day need as well as for art applications approaching thanks to our cooperation. It’ exciting and makes sense. On the other hand, and this one is crucial, we are thinking the same when coming to sustainability, fairness, ›Made in Germany‹ and product quality. « (Jürgen Feuerstein, CEO of the Feuerstein GmbH and Christian Schneider, CEO of the Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH).

So, what can be expected from this partnership? Everything!

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