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We appreciate all the requests and inquiries we are receiving every day. That shows us that many shops and distributors are interested in selling and distribution of our products. Before you contact us by email or phone, we would like to list some general information that might be useful.

Please check whether there is already a MOLOTOW™ distributor operating in your area (to check the list of distributors click here). If yes, don’t hesitate to contact them to get more information about wholesale pricing and terms of transport in your country.

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help out your company with all the information you need.

Please make sure to include your full contact details when sending us your inquiry and try to describe precisely what you are loking for. Check the following FAQ´s:

1. Are you looking for a MOLOTOW™ distribution or you are a shop owner interested in local sales?

2. You have a warehouse and you are ready to order big quantities starting with a single palett or more?

3. You only wish to receive general information in order to prepare your future business?

4. Please, always make sure to include your full contact details when contacting us. 

If you are already a MOLOTOW™ customer and would like to download the up‐to‐date price list as well as the order form, please visit the customer area of our website (LOGIN/work in progress). 

In case the contact form doesn’t work please send us an email.

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