Vigilante Vigilante - The Battle for Expression


Part investigative journalism, part personal crusade, Vigilante Vigilante is a renegade documentary that jumps directly into the cultural fray over graffiti and illegal street expression. Filmmakers Max Good and Nathan Wollman document their mission to uncover the identity of a prolific anti-graffiti vigilante known as the "Silver Buff." Strangely, the Silver Buff is himself a vandal; he surreptitiously spray paints metallic silver blobs over existing graffiti, almost always doing more damage than was there to begin with.

The film steadily ventures deeper into the world of graffiti and street expression through the eyes of practitioners, opponents, fans, and authorities. Graffiti writers from both coasts give their perspectives on what it means to write and why they do it. The film also profiles three other infamous vigilantes: LA’s “Graffiti Guerilla,�? Joe Connolly, New Orleans’ “Gray Ghost,�? Fred Radtke, and Portland’s “Silver Circle,�? Ron Engman.

Ultimately, Vigilante Vigilante is a unique exploration of the individual drive to express oneself and affect one's environment. Through the passion of its most dedicated detractors and advocates, it is clear that graffiti is much more than just insignificant scrawl on a wall. Whether seen as dangerous, disrespectful, and anarchistic or inspiring, free, and revolutionary, graffiti is anything but unimportant.

Above the trailer for "Vigilante Vigilante: The Battle for Expression." The movie is scheduled for offcial release late 2010