"Me as an oldschooler I´ve seen lot of my walls getting older by the past years of UV and sun insolation. Its the payback these days, it shows how good an UV-resistant paint makes the difference. Its nice to see old pieces and murals still have the shot coloured effective level it has years ago!" (Loomit)

The figure above shows the clear-cut difference: 4 times ground pigments means, that the paint contains 4 times more pigments, the pigment concentration is 4 times higher than in conventional spray paints and that results in 100% true covering power. These lacquer features are only to find in highest-quality car paints (Kwasny/ AutoK). The high quality of the pigments used in MOLOTOW™ spray paint also guarantee the most UV-resistance on the aerosol art market.

The MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM color-range envelopes 186 colors with an outstanding covering-power and UV-resistance – due to its 4 times ground pigments (normally car paint consist of that pigments only). Conventional spray paints only use cheaper single ground pigments and thickener to produce an alleged covering-power which isn’t able to resist UV-radiation and atmospheric conditions for too long – the result is: it is necessary to apply several layers of lacquer in order to reach maximum opacity and the color is fading away in short time. Read more

For those who dont get the meaning of our Styrofoam Test please read over carefully again. Basically that test has been done to share our knowledge (like we do for more than 10 years) and to spread the word about how aggresive spraypaint is to your lung. Thats why we mentioned as final conclusion of the test:

"This test was done to show how aggresive spraypaint itself could be, without a doubt our products included. But as you can see the level of aggresivity is different and this must be told in our opinion.

Protect yourself! Use Masks!"