Tim Young - Below Ground Below Zero

Tim the Young, artist from Bielefeld Germany review a few colors of the Molotow Premium 400ml Grey Range, have a look after the jump




During the first week of December me and a couple of other guys were invited to redocorate the walls of a pedestrian underpass in Bielefeld as part of the "UP | DOWN 'N AROUND 4". For my part i chose to stick to the given color scheme, packed a bag of my favorite greys (Molotow Premium 400ml: 327100, 327101, 327102, 327103, 327149) grabbed some carefully cut stencils, threw over my parka and set out for a couple of chilly days (0 °C and -9 °C) underground. I re-emerged with a frozen paint roller, some dirty gloves, stiff fingers and a somewhat lighter bag of cans, leaving behind the piece you can see here and safe in the following knowledge:


1. Priming a wall at -9 °C is a bad idea

2. MOLOTOW can be trusted even in the coldest of conditions










all photos by parsprofoto*(http://www.flickr.com/photos/parsprofoto/) and pixtur (www.flickr.com/pixtur), more photos of UP | DOWN 'N AROUND 4 here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/parsprofoto/sets/72157625547983678/ )

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