Take - LA is the place for the Beat

Take aka Sweatson Klank is a Los Angeles based producer always pushing the boundaries of instrumental Hip Hop and experimental Electronic into new directions.

After multiple successful EP’s and a full length under his belt, Take is set to release new works and remixes in 2009. As a co-founder of the “Sketchbook�? parties, he has fine crafted his dj sets for the last 10 years and also adapted his own compositions for live performance. Make sure to catch his live sets!

His music is nothing short of an epic journey with continuously evolving collages that lead the listener down a dust covered road of bit-crushed melodies, molested jazz samples and over walls of bass. The 30 year old multi-instrumentalist/dj/producer describes his music as “Rooted in Hip Hop but on a space ship headed for a new and better place… somewhere out there.�? Read the interview with Take and find out more on him at Laid Back