Roskilde Festival Graffiti Workshop

Roskilde Festival and Molotow collaborate together each year to provide a Graffiti Workshop for those attending the festival. Despite the overcast clouds on Day #2, there was an impressive amount of Roskilde go-ers eager to try their hand at spraying. Armed with a mask, 6 cans of Molotow spray paint and creativity, people of all ages came out to the first day of the workshop, Amy Baker, hailing all the way from Canada, was thrilled with the idea of the creative freespace. When asked what her favourite aspect was, she said "The choice of colours. Molotow provided a fun array of shades that made it really fun to work with. What a great experience this way - to try painting in a legal, welcoming and fun enviroment - I couldnt have asked for a better first time." From 11 am to 6pm, people painted layers upon layers of neverending artwork in various styles. From amateur to professional, the next 4 days at the workshop will be tons of fun for all. See the photo update here