Radio Interview with BOOGIE


Vantage Point Radio (previous Post) this time talked to Graffiti Artist BOOGIE (MOLOTOW Train) at this years ROSKILDE FESTIVAL. Jump to listen!




"You may know him for his unmistakably bold and juicy letter style or for having some of the freshest color combinations and cleanest lines you’ll ever see, but if you’ve ever actually met him, you probably know him for being the happiest and most fun guy in the room. Boogie brings the bounce and the party back to graffiti that seems to be missing sometimes these days. He’s not afraid to incorporate shiny candy or drippy fast-food into his work and it’s refreshing to see someone simultaneously be an absolute professional and also not take himself too seriously at the same time. This guy pulls massive respect in the graf scene and it’s no wonder why when you see his workIn another installment of VantagePoint’s exclusive coverage of the Roskilde Graf Camp 2015 we sit down with one of the hardest working names in graffiti… Boogie."