Parallel Kingdom by MadC

"For more than 10 years, graffiti in all its facets and controversy is an inherent part of my life. As soon as I became part of the graffiti culture, I found myself facing a flood of disaccord and conflict. In graffiti, no grey exists - only black and white. As a graffiti writer, I was insulted, praised, roared at, gazed at in silence, I was paid and had to pay, I stole and was stolen from, I came across comprehension and incomprehension – from both: law-abiding citizens and fellow graffiti writers. While politicians enact and tighten laws, tabloids complain about tags and house owners are angrily cleaning their walls, graffiti writers elect their kings and queens, celebrate calligraphy as a culture and adore locations other people anxiously avoid. Two worlds that exist side by side but rarely meet. In the streets, I write my name and I celebrate the beauty of letters and colours. In my art, I try to connect the contrasts I come across while doing so. I work with my favourite tools, spray cans and letters but I connect them with a medium that every person considers as precious, clean and exclusive and thereby I question the notions of both sides. All the cans used here are Belton Molotow and Belton RAL 400ml which were first used to paint walls and were „recycled“ afterwards." MadC 2009

The cans are handmade by MadC, customized and designed with rhinestones, gem stones and crystals. Be sure to see more of these amazing artworks soon. 3 more exclusive photos after the jump