ONE4ALL™ Review

"The point I want to make about the One4All's value, is that you can use them with the rest of the Molotow line of products. If your project requires the use of these paints in combination with Molotow Premium spray paint, then you will be happy to know they work together perfectly. Or maybe you just need to clear coat your airbrush painting. Molotow's clear coat paints are also made to work with the One4All paints. Color matching was an important requirement for Molotow when they were developing these formulas. The colors for the One4All line were taken from the Molotow Premium colors. So matching colors from a sketch done with One4All markers to a full size mural done with Molotow Premium is extremely useful and easy. In addition, the colors easily mix together. That increases the 18 colors in the One4All line to have endless color options."

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