ONE4ALL™ featuring MadC

MadC recently did an amazing canvas with ONE4ALL™. See the pics here

MadC did a little review on our ONE4ALL products, read it here

"I was totally thrilled when I first tried the new Molotow markers. Especially the thick paint, the bright colors and the steady flow was something I had never experienced before when it came to paint markers. I wanted to try it on canvas and see if I can paint with these markers on fabric like I would do with alcohol based markers in my blackbook. Even on unprepared fabric the markers were very efficient. Not one of the shorties was even half empty after finishing the canvas. Even though the paint dries quickly, it still leaves enough time to blend the colors into each other to get a nice fading. Also impressive was the 1mm Specialtech-Tip. The paint never dripped and the flow of the paint was almost as steady as with the other tips. However, you have to be careful to not let it dry as that requires some effort to get the tip working again.

There were only two things I missed: the name of the color on the pens, which will be even more necessary if the color range will be extended, which I hope will be happening. And I am longing for a nice flashy green like Grasshopper or Cliff Green. I can't wait for more to come!
" (MadC)