New MADC Mural in London

MADC just sent in photos of a new Mural painted in London for Dulwich Outdoor Gallery 2015. This work is based and inspired on the painting of Van Dyck's "Lady Digby", jump to see the footage!




Photos: Marco Prosch

  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-10-59
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-09-25
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-09-43
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-09-55
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-10-04
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-10-25
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-10-42
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-10-51
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-11-06
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-11-14
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-11-28
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-28-um-12-11-39