Nasty reinvents the Paris Métro

The new exposition of Nasty kickoff friday the 25th september at the Bailly gallery. Next to others, he presents a rebuild of a metro station. The 34 years old writer and artist Nasty do his thing since more than 20 years, with spraycans or different other medias. His love to the the urban city and the Métro is not new. He is very well-known for his customized designs and plans. On Friday, you can discover his new works, 15 paintings about letters and colors, a wall built of lunablocks ( bricks in Lego form made by the design company Lunatic Construction, Video) and a Métro station completely rebuilt on 50 squaremeters. To be seen through a glass cabinet of the gallery, the station was designed by Renaud, who is a friend of Nasty and cinema decorator at the same time. "This is real, like it is," says Nasty. The chairs, the lamps, all furniture and the wall are the same like real ones in Paris are. Only the rats are missing. �?Even the sound environment is made off by DJ Molia. “You can hear trains passing by, the loudspeaker as well as all the other noises�?, tells us Nasty, who is still working on details for the big opening. The urban supports that are presented and customized will be sold to the public.This all goes down at the Contemporary Gallery Bailly, 25, quai Voltaire, VIIe. From 25th September to 6t November. More Infos here over at galeriebailly¬

The french article about the show you can find here at More french infos over here.