Here is a new piece by Italian graffiti artist ZEUS40 of the WILDBOYS and VMD CREWS painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM!

Just imagine that GTA would be mainly about GRAFFITI? Watch this latest Videoblog episode by DOKE TV from Slovakia using MOLOTOW PREMIUM and a little bit of FLAME SPRAY PAINT!

MOLOTOW Permanent Paint markers and Dripsticks 860DS - that's a real action dream team!

The French artist CUSTO MYSÉ shows the interaction in this episode from the latest MOLOTOW product sessions.


Here is the second episode of the latest MOLOTOW Product Sessions staring the French artists CUSTO MYSÉ and ANTISTATIK.

In this video the artists present the high solid alcohol inks Liquid Chrome and…

Check out Graffiti and Tattoo Artist NASKOOL painting a wall with BIZAARR using MOLOTOW PREMIUM Spraypaint! More works by NASKOOL please find here on Instagram and more by BIZZAAR here

The French artist CUSTO MYSÉ joined the latest MOLOTOW product sessions in June.

The overall theme of the video series was the MOLOTOW high-solid alcohol paint.

As the MOLOTOW Dripstick Permanent…