This fourth MOLOTOW™ PRODUCT SESSIONS episode explains very well how to install the MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION! Have a look at the Clip after the jump!



How to install your MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION?


Take one of the latest MOLOTOW BLISTER “EMPTY MARKER sets“ which includes MOLOTOW™ REFILL-EXTENSIONS and serveral nibs as well. Available in different sizes.


Screw off your pump marker head and remove the valve.


Simply screw on the unique MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION on your marker body, insert the valve and screw on the marker head again. That´s it!


From now on refilling a pump marker is = EASY, FAST & CLEAN!


The MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION ring is available in 3 different sizes.


Find out more here over at MOLOTOW TV and check in here for more product informations!