MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL Metallic/Black Pad Set

The latest extension of the ONE4ALL color range are six extraordinary metallic colors for even more artistic effects. Now the ONE4ALL color range counts 40 colors – the biggest color range of pump-markers worldwide.


The metallic colors are available as 127HS Kit (with a 2 mm Round-Tip) and 227HS Kit (with a 4 mm Round-Tip).


Due to their special composition the metallic colors are not mixable with the other 34 ONE4ALL uni-colors. But that doesn't affect the standard quality characteristics - like the standard ONE4ALL colors the metallic ones are also applicable on almost every surface, quick-drying, and feature highest opacity and UV resistance.






This set includes:

1 x ONE4ALL 127HS Metallic-Kit

1 x MOLOTOW™ Black Pad A4 (30 sheets of black paper)


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