British graffiti artist Replete painted his take on Slimer from Ghostbusters on a van for the Nowt Special Halloween art and music event in Newcastle with MOLOTOW PREMIUM! Well done!

Here is greek graffiti artist POISON's latest piece painted with FLAME PAINT in The Hague on a typical Dutch autumn day, grey sky and frequent rainfalls.

blasting through this wall with a range of MOLOTOW PREMIUM colors painted recently by GESER of 3A Crew: Crazy plum, Blackberry, grape, lilac, crocus, and signal white!

And another Monday burner this time by Berlin based graffiti artist AKTE ONE painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM in Paris!

Here is a nice new wall in the making by ROMEO and MEGA from Hollandpainted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM: THE SPRAYING DEAD!

Here is a new wall by the hungarian graffiti artists FORK4 and KAST of the AFX CREW using FLAME PAINT and MOLOTOW PREMIUM! Autumn is here!

We just received two new pieces in the making by italian graffiti artist ZEUS40 of the WILDBOYS Crew! One painted with FLAME BLUE and another one painted with his friend TESO and MOLOTOW PREMIUM!

The new MOLOTOW PREMIUM ANTISTATIK NEON RED improved and introduced by the french artist himself!

About the artist:

Letters represent the basis of his work, though expressed from the experimental...