Here is a new Mural by UK based graffiti artist MR.CENZ painted at Hanbury Street London just recently with MOLOTOW PREMIUM. Video by:

MadC´s  new solo exhibition titled "Pink Power" just opened at the Kolly Gallery Zurich, Switzerland!

„The exhibition title stands for my own history and my path as an artist.“

Pink Power - is not...

Here is a recent wall GESER of 3A Crew using a range of MOLOTOW PREMIUM and FLAME Spraypaint inspired by the colors of the Fall season. 

Here is a fresh new canvas painted by Slovakian graffiti artist KAISY using MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Markers and Spraypaint plus the LIQUID CHROME Markers!



In the autumn when the sound of falling chestnuts rings in the new season, FORK went out to do four pieces matching the natures look with MOLOTOW PREMIUM Spray Paint colors such as GESER Black Red,...

Hello from Denver, Colorado! This is a new piece by graffiti artist TASTE cooked recently with colors out of the MOLOTOW and FLAME Spray Paint Range!

Here is a new piece painted by greek graffiti artist TONES using FLAME BLUE Spray Paint! Check out a few photos below!



Most of you following our website´s magazine content are pretty much familiar with the name TASTE! The graffiti artist from Denver joined the MOLOTOW AND FRIENDS Project just a few years ago! Since...