Here is a new piece painted by POISON in the summer heat of Athens! The fill-in was painted with FLAME BLUE Spraypaint

  • FB668-Menthol Dark
  • FB606-Ocean Blue
  • FB604-Lagoon Blue
  • FB602-Riviera
  • and…

This is the first in a new series entitled Neon Demons by graffiti artist Replete, painted on a fire exit in a derelict factory in Gateshead, UK with MOLOTOW PREMIUM. More to come!

Graffiti artist SOTEN from Copenhagen did this chrome piece recently together with BOMR painted with MOLOTOW BURNER CHROME and MOLOTOW PREMIUM!


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Here is a new piece painted by graffiti artist BACON using MOLOTOW PREMIUM! 

Here is a new piece by graffiti artist GESER of 3A Crew using MOLOTOW PREMIUM menthols colors and zinc yellow with a FLAME BLUE Black outline! 

Here is a new ppiece by slovakian graffiti artist KAISY of DKH Crew in Bratislava with a nice scale of MOLOTOW PREMIUM colors such as Black turquoise, Nori, Turquoise dark, Martha marine, Petrol blue…

Nasty Sons x Nash - Molotow theme wall

Here is a fresh new dutch wall collaboration of graffiti writers ROMEO, MEGA and NASH from the Netherlands painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM:

“The initial plan was to…

Here is a new piece painted by Graffiti Artist ZEUS40 from Italy with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and FLAME BLUE Spray Paint!