Molotow TV x Toomer

"Born and raised in Los Angeles, Toomer is no stranger to the media, law enforcements, nor the walls of Los Angeles. He's a true graffiti artist and has nothing to hide." said that lately about Toomer aka TLoko from Los Angeles. Its not new that Tloks is one of our biggest supporter on the US westcoast. Due his Europe trip we had the chance to interview one of the most characteristic graffiti artists from the US westcoast. The Molotow TV episode with Toomer is splitted into 2 parts, the first part introduce and share a few impressions of Toomers trip to Slovakia and Germany with Kacao77, Soten and Take2, including the visit to our Headquarter. The second part is dedicated to Toomer himself, the vandal, the artist, the graffiti writer. The full Molotow TV interview with him about the Black Cross, Teddy Lokos, TKO Crew, Moneytalks, the californian Law, books, gangs and much more. Let the show play, Ladies and Gentleman, Molotow TV introduce Mister Toomer from Los Angeles California

The next Molotow TV show is scheduled for next week, watch out