Molotow and Friends in Slovakia

The summer is all over Europe and this means its the season of big jams and big walls. The Molotow and Friends project were invited to attend the infamous Rendez Jam in Bratislava, Slovakia and came with four members from four different nations. Kacao77 from Berlin, Germany, Tloks from Los Angeles, California, Take 2 from Melbourne, Australia and Soten from Copenhagen, Denmark. The jam was a classic hiphop jam, set in the ghetto area of Batislava called Rendez and featured besides 2 big graffiti walls also breakdance, skateboarding, basketball and and very nice atmosphere. The Molotow and Friends team got together and did a Monkey Island wall in dedication to the Rendez area which is also called the Monkey Island by the locals! A big thanks to everyone that helped make it a great weekend in Bratislava and a special thanks to the Rendez Jam Team, Lars from Copenhagen and the Rooftop! See the photos of the Teamwork right over here