Mister Cheech Wizard

Vaughn Bode speaks in 3 videos from 1974 on creator rights, censorship, Stan Lee, National Lampoon, Jeff Jones, East Village Other, the birth of Cheech Wizard and creating and living his art. The "Cheech Wizard" was a character whose large yellow hat, decorated with black and red stars, covers his entire body except his legs and big red feet. "Cheech Wizard" is constantly in search of a good party, cold beer and attractive women. It is never actually revealed what "Cheech Wizard" looks like under the hat, or exactly what kind of creature he was and other characters pressing the issue generally are rewarded with a swift kick to the groin by Cheech! The "Cheech Wizard" was recently used on a run of limited edition trainers by Puma. See the 3 videos after the jump

(via) Photo: NY Times