Letter from London

We has received many feedbacks on our products lately and would like to publish a few of them, first of all the feedback of Towns (RT Crew London) on our ONE4ALL™ sampling including the Molotow High Solid Markers 127HS, 127HS-EF, 227HS and 227HS-EF and ONE4ALL™ Ink. Read what he have to say about these products, its might be helpful to you, attached on the letter a few pictures Towns painting a canvas using the ONE4ALL™ Products, read the letter from london


Hello Molotow,

First of all thank you for your support and this promo pack, Molotow rocks. I have some feedback for y’all about ONE4ALL

Quality: The quality of the “One4All�? is very good compared to other similar products from different brands.The pens are strong and I really like the fact that you can see how much paint is left in the pen.Also when you put the lid on the pen you hear a click to assure you that its sealed tight as I have had problems with other paint markers that dry out because the lids come off by accident.I have had no issues with leaking from the “One4All�? range.These Molotow pens have it all, interchangeable tips and refills are the icing on the cake!

Coverage: The quality of the high pigment solid acrylic ink is great and it covers very well in all colours. And I love the way I can use it on different surfaces, Tagging, Canvas, and Metal etc The range of colours are better that any other paint pen I have used before, nice shades of pastel and bright colours. The Flowmaster system works well and the paint never floods the tip, I have had a problem with this on other brands when you push the tip to get the paint out it all comes out at once. Because of the capillary system they last for a long time which is always a good thing.

Handling:I found all the sizes of the pens to be perfect in ratio to the size of the tip it comes with (for me personally), Not too big and not too small. This allowed me to control the different sizes with ease. The smallest pens are good for transporting in my pocket.

Constructive criticism: There are only two things I could say to make the product better: For convenience and for people that are not familiar with the colours and want to match it exactly with the spray paint colours, you could put the name and code of the colour on the pens. eg “Zinc yellow 006�? The extra fine 1mm tips blocked quite regularly, the flow in them is a bit inconsistent. All the other tips were great!

Summery: I have been waiting for somebody to make a high quality all surface quick drying solvent free paint marker, so have a lot of my friends. You have done it and I am proud to push your products with the true Molotow quality stamp. These pens are what a lot of people have been looking for in the art/graffiti world. If I could sum up this range in one word it would be “innovative�? due to the fact that it is refillable, interchangeable, and you can use it in conjunction with spray paint of the same colour. I like the way you have detailed information on the pen, like the exact size of the tip and what surfaces you can use it on.

Congratulations on creating this great product.


 TOWNS . RT (London)



edit on the letter by the Molotow Team:

Hi Towns,To answer your constructive criticism. If you find that the extra fine 1mm tip blocks, please try to wet the tip just a bit (just a bit!) when you are painting. This will help a lot. Thanks for your feedback and we appreciate to work with you, cheers Molotow Team!