Lee Quiñones Art Show in Italy

A street art pioneer, Lee Quiñones made the move from subway cars to canvas proving that "a true art movement never goes by the script."

His first solo exhibition in nearly 30 years at the Galleria Il Trifoglio Nero entitled Truth & Consequences is a great example of Quiñones' adroit ability to integrate both street culture and art history into his work. This capability is twofold; Quiñones blends traditional media like acrylic and charcoal with spray enamel but also the subject matter speaks to today's issues—all while evoking a feeling of romanticism and historical gesture.

Quiñones has never shied away from addressing the thoughts and concerns of humankind, his infamous subway art was always full of provocative socio-political content, portraying heavy subjects like nuclear holocausts or the middle ground the Earth may provide between Heaven and Hell. Truth & Consequences is an extension of these themes, with paintings like "Heart In A Hurricane," in which a man hovers in a spectral swirl of paint strokes and drips, clutching the stem of a large rose, his face distraught—posing the question of whether he is heartbroken or destitute. The threat of disaster is imminent, reminding us of recent hurricanes and financial disasters.

Quiñones scope of work is extensive, he's collaborated with companies like Adidas, Absolute and Ford, his painting has covered canvases, subways, film and music video backdrops and he's been the subject of several documentaries.

Truth & Consequences
Galleria Il Trifoglio Nero
18 April-23 May 2009
Piazza Matteotti 80r
16123 Genoa
tel. +39 010 859 2255