Klub7 + 44Flavours = Holz51


Letter forms pouring over the cityscape, dirty, rusty, deformed, worn out by the ever shifting weather patterns, playful, at times ironic, saturated with color, splashed on with paint running - a nose bleeding, sprayed over, cut out, painted on, type set, plugged in & glued together. Surreal information encoded into old pieces of wood, metal signs and broken window frames.


44flavours & Klub7 work in parallel creative universes independently utilizing similar methods and creating kindred naiv works. They met in Berlin in 2008 and together they formed the lucky numbers 51. In the upcoming exhibition at Neurotitan Berlin they are going to tell stories inspired by an ever evolving street element. Together they will create collages using elements of the city extracted: doors, planks of wood, window frames and other random found objects, all of which will be painted and illustrated on by the two artist groups. More here at holz51.de