KAST & FORK4 last wall in 2014

"It was -4C and unstopable wind all the time. The cans were working good, so we are happy with the result. Molotow like a gun fight against the elements.."


Here is the last 2014 wall by the good guys of AFX Crew from Budapest: KAST and FORK4, jump to see the wall and process shots

  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-50-48
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-50-58
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-51-12
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-51-27
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-51-41
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-51-49
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-52-08
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-01-05-um-11-52-26