Kacao77 x Bates


"...when my partner Bates and me click together we always try to make something fresh. now it was time for the batman and robin as a theme. He had this idea around 3 or 4 years and we always talked about it. I was doing some sketches for the batman and robin wall over the time, but the final sketch was made in spring 2009. the wall was made in malmoe/sweden between the 10.05 and 15.05.2009 we put some work into this one.. we were standing 9 to 10 hours six days long to make the wall look, like it looks now. for luck we had just little rain and wind. on the end everything turned out very good. and we used a lot of molotows for this wall..." (Kacao77)

Kacao77 and his friend Bates teamed up for this huge wall production. It took 2 ingenious artists, 6 days, 60 hours of painting and 100 cans of Molotow Premium to do the "Batman & Robin" Production, see the photos here!