Just Taking Pictures

The Berlin based photographer JUST belongs to one of the most eminent photographers of the Graffiti and Street Art Movement. A little online portfolio you can find here. In outstanding photographs JUST not only documents the highlights of Urban Art but also has been portraying artists who have, since he started around 10 years ago, become icons within the Urban Art scene. The photographs showing artworks and artists from all over the world, like Faith47, Akim, Zevs, Evol, Daim, Boxi, Hera, C215, MadC, Above, D*Face, Flying Förtress and many more. Here is the Flyer to download. For the first time he is presenting a selection of his best artist portraits and Street Art photographs in the Berlin based ATM gallery. The Exhibition starts the 16th of october 7pm, Brunnenstr 24. More here over at ATM