how do you dress to look fresh?

"It just got to be the right combination. Back in the days it was more about trying to copy the style of what was shown in the scarse media/record covers. You still see that done nowadays by many younger cats and chickies with the mainstream hiphop fashion of today: those payama looking baggy sweat suits by seanjohn, roccawear etc etc. But yo, that style to me ain’t fresh, because you can walk into the hiphop outfit store and buy them pret a porter. To me you dress fly when you match your outfit together with all kinds of single pieces. Nowadays I mix more flavours into one and I dare more to dress feminine. I can wear a thrift store skirt and flipflops and match it with a tight BabyPhat hoodie. My friend makes dope skirts out of hiphop t shirts. Combined with nice top and sneaker you’re F.L.Y.!" (Mickey/TFP Amsterdam)

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