Graffiti celebrates 10 years at Roskilde Festival

When Bob Marley played at Roskilde Festival in 1978, Talking Heads in 1979, U2 in 1982, Metallica in 1986,Radiohead in 1997 and Snoop Dogg in 2008 (just to mention few among countless artists), Roskilde has again and again demonstrated that this is the place to experience new, sprouting names, contemporary stars and timeless legends. Roskilde Festival has surprised its audience throughout history, and you can prepare yourself to be surprised again. It is not only musical experiences that await the audience when the festival site and its seven music stages open on Thursday 2 July.

This year, graffiti art celebrates its 10-year jubilee at Roskilde Festival. The celebration is carried out with an international lineup of world-class artists such as Swet (DK), Take2 (AUS), Sirum (AUS), Rens (DK), Sek (DK), Slide (GER), Poet (GER), Kacao77 (GER), the TOYS Crew (DK), Inti and Hes (CHILE), Soten (DK), Zombie (DK), MadC (GER) and many many more who will decorate more than 1000 metres of fence with all kinds of colours, subjects and messages. And Graffiti at Roskilde is not only for the few. If you have a hankering for expressing yourself and are game for taking on spray cans, hand ‘tags’ and painting masks, just show up at Roskilde Festival’s graffiti workshop at Agora B around the skate ramp. From Sunday 28 June to Wednesday 1 July from noon till night, you can be guided and misguided by Roskilde Festival’s graffiti girls.

Plenty of paint has arrived, we will go for regular updates on this here at the Molotow Blog! (Link Roskilde Festival)