In this episode of Graff TV (TASTE, MILES, DEKIS, IZEAL, DEPOT, SKORE79, BIOS, QUES, KAISY, SLIDER, SEMOR, TONES, DATER, XENA & OVAS, POISON, DRIK, EMAK, ROICE, WEAM, ZORO, GRAB, BOND, OJEY80, SKOR, MEDS, OMELS, MONER, IKAROZ, SHANE, ZEUS, TWONE, RIOT1394, OPIUM, TWIK, KEAR, PAKO, SNOF, RISE, EMIT, EEIZM, SECRET, TRISS, SKAPE289, REKAL, PAS, JAROE, DART, DALES, SKASESMOE&MATERUSTEBATENKÖTER) by SPRAYDAILY the graffiti writer DRUID painting a wall with MOLOTOW PREMIUM! GRAFF TV is a series of graffiti videos capturing the style and techniques of some of the best and most interesting writers around the world. From simple new school styles to futuristic 3D-burners or playful naive pieces. Follow the process from sketch to finished piece, all cut down and compressed to three minutes episodes. Supported by MOLOTOW.