Here is a new wall by GESER under his alias "ASUEM" including many of his favorite MOLOTOW PREMIUM color ranges...


"Some super stars include Poison green, Riviera dark, Grays, black, signal white, transparent black, pear, Vermillion, Dare orange, purples, even some neon yellow to really make it punch!"


Checkout the photos after the jump!

  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-49-48
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-50-00
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-50-09
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-50-17
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-50-26
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-50-34
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-06-29-um-13-50-42