FORK4 x August 2015

"In august i had the opportunity to paint with some of my friends at old and new spots. My mate Ower1 from polish SW307 Crew visited me, so we decided to paint a scrapkiller wall togethe at a skatepark spot in the suburbs of Budapest. After that the legendary Lords of Gravity dunk team invited me to made a fresh mural for them. After the mural I dropped a single piece to reconstruct a destroyed M-city wall in a old factory. On the last weekend we did a concept joiner together with Lehel Chaos, Kast and Koen at Budapest Hall of Fame. It was a great month again in 35-40'C all the time so not only the walls burnin':)"


Checkout the photos of the mentioned walls sent in by FORK4 from Budapest after the jump!

  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-12-57-28
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-12-56-18
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-12-57-41
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-12-57-17
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-12-55-39
  • bildschirmfoto-2015-09-07-um-12-57-03
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