Featured Product: The Burner™

The Original – it stands for best chrome quality and guarantied long continuing color brilliance. Outstanding Diamond Shine = ultra high gloss, that means high productivity, for fastest working especially due to the high Pressure. It is the first no mixing balls + all season™ product worldwide. Furthermore, the Burner™ is equipped with the Original Flowmaster™-valve system and the Fat Cap.

Available as chrome, gold and copper.

940.443 MOLOTOW Burner Chrom / 150 ml
940.422 MOLOTOW Burner Chrom / 400 ml
940.506 MOLOTOW Burner Chrom / 500 ml
940.397 MOLOTOW Burner Chrom / 600 ml
940.449 MOLOTOW Burner Gold / 600 ml
940.500 MOLOTOW Burner Kupfer / 600 ml

Here the Link for more info or checkout our e-shop and the winter kit offer. If you have pictures while using the original Burner™ do not hesistate to send it over via email to pr[at]molotow.com, have a nice winter and enjoy all season products made by Molotow™