Ewok Interview

"For me graffiti is a love/hate relationship. I made a decision to keep graffiti out of the paintings I sell. It may seem "graffiti"-ish but that's just who I am I suppose. But I don't do letters or any of that anymore as I don't think a person who can write a check deserves the thing that has brought me so much hardship as well as joy in my life, they don't deserve what it is that I keep close to my heart. And with the quality of graffiti around me these days deminishing yearly, I keep the experience graffiti brings me personal and private for myself and the people I rock with. The same way I wouldn't take pictures of my wife and sell them to someone just 'cuz they got money and I need to pay my rent. I rather be broke then shit on my wife like that.... does that make any sense? When it's time for me to go do graffiti, it's something personal for me that no one else gets to feel, other then the after product of it that I leave behind."

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