d´RAW Video Teaser


as we have mentioned already the big "d´RAW" Exhibition in Holland is going down soon, here is another teaser, the video shows how impressive the artist line up is, ECB, Bill Blast, Bitucas, Blade, Crash, Boris 'Delta' Tellegen, Dran, Dondi, Dr.Rat, Ekundayo, Enes, Erosie, Futura2000, Pierre 'Morbit' Galic, Barry McGee, Os Gemeos, Harald Nagli, Herakut, Honet, Jesic, Koor, Philipp Konig, Lady Pink, Dave de Leeuw, Loomit, Peter Michalski, Moses & Taps, Noc 167, Phase2, Quik, Rammelzee, Roa, Seen, Shoe, Collin van der Sluijs, Swoon, The Dulk, Christine Wurmell, Won ABC, Zedz, Zephyr and Agit. From september 12 till november 1, 2009. Opening on friday september 11th at 6pm with drawing jam @ Schunck Glaspaleis Heerlen, the Netherlands (afterparty @ De Nieuwe Nor)