Doves Interview

What are you feelings on the graffiti and street art scenes in America and New York at present?

Well, as far as New York is concerned there are very few keeping it alive! There are few that do rep it right and will always be a staple in NY forever. I know we'll always have the best style hands down, cuz we built this shit!

As far as America, dudes are killing it around the board. Dudes down south got flow, Mid West dudes kill it constantly, but certain West Coast writers are the ones who are truly pushing shit to new heights… just in terms of getting bigger with strictly graffiti, no frills… just graff. From street bombing, to productions, to commercial work, they're killing it! Hands down… I give those guys much props.

Doves, a New York City based graffiti artist who is a master of many styles got an interview up at Canned Goods. Doves represents some NYC´s finest graffiti crews, such as Top City Krew, COD, 5MH and TC5