Don´t Ban The Can

"Don’t Ban the Can (DBTC) is a non-profit arts and culture movement with an underground urban philosophy, formed as a result of harsh, unjust anti graffiti laws within Victoria, Australia. Jeremy Gaschk together with the We Make Stuff Good collective felt the need for a voice from the streets. Created and run by artists for artists, the movement began with a stand against the new anti graffiti laws introduced into Victoria in June 2008. With a successful initial event in September 2008, the project received support from tens of thousand’s of people from around the globe. DBTC has felt the need to expand into a world wide pro graffiti and street art movement. This has involved tackling issues that inhibit the art form’s culture, ethos and creativity to successfully prosper, evolve and expand.

The Croft Alley Project will bring together an all-star line up of artists from around Australia to create a world-class, large-scale, urban masterpiece. Using graffiti, street, stencil, sticker and paste up artists the project will transform the Croft laneway from a dirty back alley into a creative, colourful and socially innovative thoroughfare visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year.

The DBTC team are very excited to announce this project, believing it will be a very beneficial event to positively enrich Melbourne’s most neglected, persecuted and advantageous art form. This project is one of many initiatives the DBTC team are currently undertaking, including a pioneering month long urban arts and culture festival in January 2010."

More you can read on their website, a recent article by the australian heraldsun right here