Ciao, Milano! Introducing MOLOTOW at Numa Srl Milan

Since last weekend MOLOTOW™ is completely represented through a shop-in-shop system in Milan! In case you're in Milan and need art supplies, check out the Numa Srl Store at Via Pantelleria 11 - 20156 Milano ( Mi). The 14 meters of SLS offer the full range of MOLOTOW products, from MOLOTOW PREMIUM to MOLOTOW COVERS ALL COLOR, COVERS ALL WATER-BASED, BURNER CHROME, the ONE4ALL acrylic marker range, the BLACKLINER range, DRIPSTICK, MASTERPIECE and anything you need to create your art.

At Numa Srl you get the full shopping experience: while buying the ideal cans inside you will enjoy a creative lounge atmosphere and the outer walls are permitted to be painted - so you can directly use your new spray paint.

The official opening event has taken place on October 5th - check out some photos of the event and the store!