Berlin Wall in Budapest

We have received the first report from the Budapest based festival Sziget, as in many other cities also Budapest belongs to the fall of the iron curtain 20 years ago, therefore they have build a "Berlin Wall" at the Sziget festival and just have started write on the wall. The first photos are up here, we will go for more info as soon the second part of the Berlin Wall model at Sziget Festival is done

"The "Berlin Wall" in cooperation with Molotow celebrate the 20th anniversary of the political transition of Hungary and the fall of the Berlin, at the 2009 Sziget Festival (august 12-17.) there is a 50 meter long, 2 meter tall wall that will be decorated on both sides by various artists. One side of the wall will be decorated by a professional international street art and graffiti team , while the other side will be offered to the visitors of the Festival. The Wall will be one of the main spots of this year's Sziget Festival. It will be placed by the packed road leading up to the Main Stage. It functions as a live gallery that bridges the gap between past and present. The mayor of Berlin will be present at the opening. The fall of the Berlin Wall that signified the split between East and West, the period of Soviet occupation and influence, in short the whole communist era is one of the most important and symbolic event of the 1989 democratic transition's of Eastern Europe 1989 that exist. The fall of the Wall has remained more strongly in the collective consciousness than the cutting through of the Iron Curtain between Austria and Hungary. One of the reasons for this is that the Wall can be presented better visually.

The city of Berlin has left some parts of the Wall in their original place. The paintings along the streets of the city that show the exact place the Wall stood also serve as a memento."