ANDEN Shop & Gallery Barcelona

The ANDEN Shop in Barcelona now runs nearly the full range of MOLOTOW Products including MOLOTOW Premium, MOLOTOW Burner Chrome, the Covers All Series, the FLAME Blue Spraypaint Series with it´s 94 colors as well the new FLAME Orange Spraypaint Line. The ANDEN Shop racks are fully stocked to make MOLOTOW available to one of the most active and creative Street Art Scene in Europe. Well sorted and displayed in the Skyline Rack Systems to give a complete overview and learn how are the MOLOTOW Marker product series such as ONE4ALL, MASTERPIECE, BASIC, GRAFX, TRANSFORMER or DRIPSTICK as well as numerous Utilities interact with the whole range. If you are in town checkout the store, it´s worth a visit, not just because the Shop also held regular art exhibitions at the Shop Gallery. A short video and photos as well as additional informations please find after the jump!






ANDEN Shop & Gallery Barcelona

Adress: C/Joaquin Costa 1 / 08001 Barcelona

Fon: 934434555



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