Unbox Your Monksey Customizing Event #01

February 23th 2013 SOBER INDUSTRIES hosted an Unbox Your Monskey Customizing event in the Sober Concept Store. It was the first in a series of 4 events in which several dutch artist let their creativity flow and customize Monskey Designertoys.



"Late 2012 Sober Industries stumbled upon an inspiring figurine: Monskey. Somehow we never saw it before, probably because it had been captivated by ill willing people that violated our friend in all the wrong places. We decided to adopt Monskey and unbox its’ true potential. Our quest? No less than total world domination."


Have a look at the video and photos after the jump!








RiskWodas - unboxyourmonskey.com/portfolio-item/risk-wodas/

Miel Krutzman (TelmoMiel) - unboxyourmonskey.com/portfolio-item/miel/

Basto Elbers (Sober Industries) - unboxyourmonskey.com/portfolio-item/basto-elbers/

Koen Hramsma (Bierenbrood) - unboxyourmonskey.com/portfolio-item/koen-harmsma/

Corne Paassens (Graficor) - unboxyourmonskey.com/portfolio-item/pompiehandzeep/

Kees Donkers


Monskey Facts

height: 28,5 cm

span: 28 cm

depth: 14,5 cm


Track used in video: Moods - Love is Real

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