Springmann Berlin

Gallery Springmann goes into its next round. Featuring the artists Blek la Rat, Dare, Toast, Burkhard and Stefan Strumbel aka Deine Heimat plus guests. Due the perfromance in berlin the german hiphop celeb Curse will show a special installation of his project and song "24", a collaboration with the Deutsche Aids Stiftung (german aids foundation). The 1st of november will be the day of the special performance, open doors 9pm, Boxhagener Str 117. The exhibition will be open everyday from 12 to 12.

The music video "24" (Sinnflut/2005). Produced by Youssef "Joe" Chemao and Kamil Keister.


The Gallery Springmann also will be at the Berlin Art Fair "Berliner Liste", 30.10.2008 - 02.11. 2008, Stand E1/Z7 and Z8.