Pyromaniac presenting Toast One

"Pyromaniac by definition has everything to do with being on fire. We encourage people to stop letting the world tell them who they should be, but rather, listen to the voice inside of them and become who they are meant to be. We, at Pyromaniac are "On Fire" with inspiration, inventiveness and passion for what we do."

This is Pyromaniac 2009 about. A symphatic german brand with fresh designs. Today we´ve received the info on their new Spring/Summer Collection 2010, in cooperation with our friend and artist Toast from Bern (Switzerland)

"Toast is a prominent graffiti artist who widely influenced the international graffiti writing-scene with his unique style. TOAST is also Ata Bozaci, founder and co-owner of the entertainment media corporation «Atalier» in Bern, Switzerland. Visual phenomenon, reknowned designer, rebellious spirit and an endowed multi talent – the works by Ata Bozaci are as diverse as the person himself. His current work demonstrates courage to futuristic forms, an exceptional feeling for abstraction and great sense for functionality."

See the Pyromaniacs Spring/Summer 2010 Collection featuring Toasts Pyrochimp here