Here is a MARVELous wall by the dutch duo ROMEO and MEGA aka THE NASTY SONS. The piece was painted as part of a long tribute wall for Stan Lee, the mind behind most of the Marvel characters.


Here is a nice silver trackside piece by greek graffiti artist TONES of GFR Crew painted with FLAME ORANGE and FLAME BLUE Spraypaint!

Here is a wall piece painted by graffiti artist GESER using MOLOTOW PREMIUM, including Signal White, Light gray Neutral, Dark Ice Blue, Melon Yellow, Autumn Leaf, and ECB Prussian Blue for outline! 

Here are two new walls painted by graffiti artist WOBE79 from Lyon, France just recently! Thanks for sharing Mr.Lectrics!

And this is a new fresh style painted by Italian graffiti artist ZEUS40 of WILDBOYS Crew painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM recently in Naples!

This is a recent commission painted by graffiti artist BACON for a yoga company in Toronto, using the full range of MOLOTOW PREMIUM blues with Olympia Blue being his base value.

Our good friend TIWS from Copenhagen, Denmark had the chance to visit a part of America that is not too well known for graffiti, a trip to Dallas, Texas!

"My old friend Sub, who I had not seen in...

Graffiti artist AKTE ONE from Berlin submitted this piece just recently painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and outlined with FLAME ORANGE!