Graffiti artist ZEUS40 of the WILDBOYS Crew painted this piece recently on a school that was hitted by a strong earthquake a short time ago, located on the island of Ischia. ZEUS did this one in...

Slovakian graffiti artist keeps drawing fresh canvas work with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL and some nice colorshades with MOLOTOW PREMIUM, here is one more recently painted canvas!

Greek graffiti artist POISON kicks off 2018 with this  freshly painted piece in Athens with FLAME SPRAY PAINT!!

Berlin based graffiti artist FINO (MOLOTOW Train) recently painted this new mural titled SUBWICH with MOLOTOW PREMIUM!

Graffiti artist FORK4 from Hungary just sent in a very last 2017 photo package including a video painting a MOLOTOW TRAIN CANVAS (NY Subway model) with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Markers and his very own...

Graffiti artist GESER of 3A Crew woke up to cold gray skies and rain, but wasn't going to let it stop him...    packed up with MOLOTOW BURNER CHROME 600ml and COVERS ALL 3 to blast this tractor...

And here is another little photoupdate by graffiti artist KAISY rocking a canvas with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL acrylic markers! Checkout his instagram for more!

Here is a fresh new video featuring slovakian graffiti artist KAISY rocking a piece with MOLOTOW PREMIUM!

Video: instagram @adamlachner
Music: instagram @smartdmskgb